Saturday, February 07, 2009

What A Horrible Horrible Week!!

This week was the worst week thus far.

Caleb decided to get the flu (at least that is what it is feeling like) and it is being passed around.
On top of which our Landlord decided to redo our kitchen cabinets so we went without a kitchen for 2 days. We had to keep the kids confined to only half the house to keep them out of the way.
On top of which when the kitchen was finished and we started to reload it with all of our stuff we found that about half of stuff doesn't fit well in the cupboards. The shelves are all short and squaty. Imagine going to put away a regular size box of Ritz crackers and because the shelves are all squaty the box can't even stand upright.
On top of which the new stove that they put in has the knobs where the kids can reach them. I let the kids explore the kitchen when they were done and I stepped out of the room for two seconds I come back in and Caleb has the oven turned on.
On top of which my children's brains are most likely fried from watching too much TV because I don't have the strength to do anything else. (bad bad mommy!)
On top of which I've had to cancel on Lindsay twice and it looks like it's going to be a third because I can't hardly breath. (I'm not really this flaky Lindsay).
On top of which all of my 2009 goals have been tossed out the window this week because of all this. (and it will only be for this week).
On top of which all of the sickness and kitchen mess has put me behind on my homework.
On top of which I'm blogging when I should be doing my homework or sleeping.
On top of which . . . . . . . I feel wretched.


Russell Family said...

Sorry to hear you're all so sick. The kitchen re-do sounds awful. :(

Don't feel bad at all about letting them watch TV when you're sick!! Not much else you can do. Also, resolutions aren't broken when you're sick!

Schmidt Family said...

I am sorry! I know how those weeks go. i hope that it just gets better.