Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Creator, Of This Letter

Dear Rebecca,
This is God. I was just writing to see how you are doing. I haven't heard from you lately and I really miss you. I know that you are busy with school and taking care of my children but I was wondering if you could find a small moment in your hectic schedule of a day to just say hi and tell me the happenings in your life. Yes, I know that I already know but it is so much better to hear it all from you.
I know that last time we talked you were having trouble with your patience levels when dealing with Caleb and Lydia. I realize that sometimes children can be frustrating and it is easy to want to feel hopeless when it seems like they don't listen to you or do what you have asked. Understand though that they are learning. They are knew bright spirits in this world and they need you to teach them to be good. Also understand that they do listen, more than you might think. It might be hard to get them to pick up their toys or to eat their dinner when you tell them to and it might appear that you are talking to a wall but they listen and they watch you. You are who they turn to as an example. You are real and solid in their lives and they look to you to lead them and guide them. If the frustration ever gets too much, remember that I am always here to talk to. You can call on me anytime and I will always answer. You can rant and rave and tell me all of your frustrations and I will always listen. There are also others that I have put in your life that you can call on for support. They are willing and wanting to help you so don't be afraid to call on them as well.
I also seem to recall you speaking of certain family members that you are concerned about. I want you to know that I am looking after them. I love them and always will. You are not solely responsible for their eternal salvation. If you do your part and be the best example you can and continue to love them, then the rest is up to them. We can't control everyone, as much as we would want to, as much as we know that it is good for them, we have to let them find their way. But know that they are always on my mind and that I will never give up on them.
The world seems to be getting darker and sometimes I know it is hard for you to see the good. It is out there, it is always out there and if you are having a hard time finding it, again, just call me and I can help you see it. My world is a beautiful thing filled with my children who are beautiful. There is wonder and magic and miracles to be found everywhere and when you can see all that, the darkness doesn't feel so foreboding.
Always remember that I love you and I love hearing from you. Don't be a stranger.

Anxiously awaiting your reply,
Love God

P.S. Don't forget to lean on Kevin as much as possible. He is there to help bare you up and he is willing to do it because he loves you almost as much as I do.


ValSterByDe said...

beautifully written!

Shannon And Tyler said...

Nice letter!