Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Finally a minute to sit down and clear my head. Caleb has just been so clingy the last few days. I can't be sure but my thought is that it's because Kevin and I both got sick at the same time and we had to call the in-laws in for help. I think that maybe Caleb is scared that we won't be around again.
We have had a very uneventful week for the most part. We didn't vote yesterday, I know "Bad Becca!" With the system set up the way it is sometimes it doesn't even feel like our vote counts at all.
I'm not exactly sure why I'm even bothering writing on a blog that 1. no one reads or 2. that there's nothing to write about. I'm just another boring house-wife. Not even a June Cleaver because compared to me, June is interesting.

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DeeDee said...

Hmmm, gotcha! I read! I have read! And I will read again! So keep writing you crazy girl you! June Clever ain't got nothin on you!