Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fun Fun Fun

I am so excited. Is anyone else excited? Because I am. Did I mention that I am excited? I get to go shopping Monday for clothes for the kids. You wouldn't think that this simple thing could make me so excited but I just love buying clothes for them. Especially cute ones at absolutely great deals.
I am also excited because we have a dinner date with a couple in our Ward. We don't know them very well but this is a great opportunity to change that.
You would also think that part of my excitement is due to tomorrow being Valentine's Day but then you would be absolutely wrong. Kevin and I decided that we aren't going to celebrate Valentine's Day. Instead maybe Lydia and I will make and decorate cookies or something. In the last few years I have become very anti-holiday, I'm not sure why.
Monday Michael took me with him to go clothes shopping. He's got a hot date with his new honey and he wanted to pick out something special for tomorrow. I think we came up with a winner. He got a nice pair of jeans, a very light tan button up shirt, and a blueish argyle sweater to go over it all. Maybe I'll have to have him take a picture and you can see the handy work.

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