Friday, May 02, 2008

Utah Livin!

Well I thought I'd post a few things while here in the lovely deseret. It's fun to be here for a nice change of pace. Lydia is loving playing with all of her cousins especially Brianna, Emily, and Kaitlyn. We had the wonderful opportunity to attend one of my nephew's baptisms, Ryan. He was so excited. Even though we're having a good time and I love being around all of my family I miss Kevin tons and tons; Lydia and Caleb too. Every time Lydia hears the door open and close she yells "Daaa eee home! Daaa eee home!" Poor thing.

First we have Lydia with the "Legos" house we built together. Now I look at it I think it needed an overhang.

Here is Ryan, awe, he's lookin all clean, shiny, bright, and new; until he went and slugged his brother of course.

These next two are just of Lydia playing in the Myers' backyard after the baptism.

note: kudos to Jessica on the pictures.


Lindsay said...

Glad to hear you're having fun! H. mentioned that no, Lydia was not there in nursery today. Sigh...

Kevin said...

Those are some really good pics. Lydia looks so cute. I miss you guys too.

Joseph, Erin, Sarah, 'Lil Joe and Muloki the Wonder Dog said...

Hello! I don't think I talked to the lady of the house but a few times, but I sure know Kevin, and am happy to have stumbled onto your blog! I may just help myself and peek in on you from time to time!!

Erin (Mead) Witters