Monday, October 06, 2008

!!Bubby's Birthday!!

Caleb had his number 1 first birthday Sunday. I can't believe that he is that old.

And now for your viewing pleasure, a bunch of pictures of a 1 year old.

First things first, the cake.
Don't worry, I'll turn away so you can giggle.

Go ahead it won't hurt my feelings. But if you hear a sniffle and a sob it's not that my feelings are hurt, no, it's just that I have a cold. Yeah, a cold, that's it.

. . .

Okay, are you done yet? Is it out of your system?

. . .

Serriously, it's not that funny is it? Can we move on please?

Now here he is wondering why we were shoving a big blue blob in front of him.

Oh so yummy! The blue blob is my friend!

This was my favorite present that Caleb received. My little ladies man. Thanks Aunt Shannon!



DeeDee said...

How cute! I am sorry I didn't make it. I had 2 houses in Windsor and one on Trilby/Timberline and when the rain started here at 6:15, I called my Mom and told her I wouldn't make it. The only bad thing about a scooter...rain, snow, hail...
I liked the cake! It looked tasty! Way to go Mom! Happy Birthday young Caleb! Time has surely flown by! Too crazy!
Have a great day!

Ashley said...

Cute pictures! I love the shirt- lol :).

Russell Family said...

Hey, was that dot cake??? How cute!!!

Jacobs Family, via Kirsta said...

Love the shirt and the romper! Babies totally look like they're moseying with those big ol' wide steps! My favorite part of the cake is the candle "1" facing backwards :)

I was wondering if you are in need of any favors, because I'm just DYING to ask a favor of you - I love your photos and was wondering if maybe I could borrow your talents to take some fall pics of Patrick? Babysitting, dinner, a whole batch of cookies... you name your price :)