Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well, my Miss D tagged me in her blog post and so I decided to, duh, be tagged. I don't know why but this was a thinker for me. And now thanks to Miss D I am short a few brain cells, and I really really needed those.

I AM...too much and yet not enough.

I THINK...there for I am.

I KNOW...too much of the world.

I body back.

I HAVE...more blessings than I deserve.

I WISH...I had more confidence to be myself around people.

I HATE...hate and destruction.

I family so much that it hurts.

I FEAR...being forgotten.

I HURT...when others are alone.

I FEEL..., like D, an urgency to make myself better and be prepared.

I SMELL... No I don't, I showered today.

I SEARCH...the Internet for information, my soul for understanding, and the scriptures for wisdom.

I WONDER...if there is anyone funnier than D.

I REGRET...February-June of 2003 and that I'm not funnier than D.

I LOVE...(in no specific order) my honey, my chilens, my family, my camera, Photoshop, and you.

I ALWAYS...procrastinate.

I AM NOT...the brightest flower in the field.

I BELIEVE...I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky. I think about it every night and day, spread my wings and fly away.

I DANCE...when no one is looking and the blinds are shut and doors are locked, security is placed outside my door and the streets are closed.

I my chilens before bed.

I LIVE...with my family, duh.

I DON'T...know.

I WRITE...whatever pops into my mind, which could get rather disturbing. Have you been in there? I'm in there all the time and I can tell ya, not pretty.

I WIN...when my chilens play nicely together, whenever they give me kisses and loves, and when I find a bra that fits.

I NEED...a life overhaul, gumption, vigor, energy, motivation, chocolate, to not need chocolate, and my mommy.

I NEVER...know what I'm doing next.


I CAN USUALLY BE FOUND...on the computer doing my homework.

I AM SCARED...that I won't be prepared and that I won't be able to co-lead my family through hard times.

I READ...text books right now but other than that I find books on anything that I want to learn more about. I read Jane Austen, Chris Stewart, cook books, blogs (I counted I follow 106 blogs! I know, I'm crazy!), and Susan Evans McCloud.

I FOCUS...with a camera.

I DREAM...of living close to my family and having my children grow up being close to all of their cousins.

I AM HAPPY ABOUT...having a space heater blowing directly onto my cold tootsies.

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