Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary and Midnight Pie

To celebrate our wonderful 4 years of marriage I decided to surprise Kevin with midnight pie by candle light. How romantic! He had to work and he doesn't get home until the wee midnight hour. Of course this totally flies in the face of our 'wanting to go to bed at a reasonable hour' goal (we are night owls, at least I am, and Kevin just likes my company) but I figured that it was a special occasion and I reasoned my way out of going to bed at 10:00 . . . ish. On the menu:
1 lrg. supreme pizza pie
2 hostess cherry pies
and a little "mormon" bub lee

Since we've been married 4 years here are my four reasons why I married Kevin (I couldn't tell you why he married me because I haven't figured it out yet):

4. I knew that he was the ONLY man out there that could (or would) put up with all of my drama. And any man that found out that I was a nut bag and still wanted to marry me is the man for me.
3. Even though I complain about this one sometimes I still love it about him. He is a doer. Plain and simple, he has to be doing something and usually that something is helping. So even though there are times I wish he would just STOP and listen to Frankie, any man that is a doer is the man for me.
2. After an Institute activity one evening (while we were dating) we were helping to clean up and Kevin got the vacuum and started vacuuming. After a few minutes he pretended to get tangled in the cord and kept tripping over it and made a cute fool out of himself, all so he could see me smile. Any man that would go to so much trouble to make me exercise my face muscles is the man for me.
1. And I hope this is the most obvious one. Because I love him. I love him deeper than the ocean, wider than my thighs, stronger than the mountains, and harder than my head. Any man that can elicit this kind of love from me is the man for me.

Thank you for four amazingly fantastical, wonderful, enchanted, hilarious, maddening, lovable years. You are my one and only, you are my favorite and my best, you are the one who keeps me going, and I will never stop loving you.


Kara May said...

How sweet - I love this post!! What a fun anniversary idea. Congratulations!!

DeeDee said...

Becca -
I must say that made me choke up a little as I was reading it. You are sweet and I know Kevin loves you just as can see it in his eyes, when he looks at you!