Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Thankfuls

-for my husband -for my chillens -for my family who loves me even though I'm me -for my Savior and My Father -for my faith -for my life -for raspberry filled doughnuts -for generosity and kindness -for a washer and dryer -for sharp knives -for sharp wit -for chances, firsts and seconds -for believing -for sales and coupons and clearance -for creativity -for modern medicine -for books -for my camera -for DIY -for post-it notes -for forgiveness -for favorite pens -for make-up (used in bucket loads) -for inspiration -for mentors -for forethought -for prophets -for teachers -for great teachers -for lists -for crying -for laughter -for happy


Kara May said...

Happy Thanksgiving girl :)

Motherboard said...

You have been added on the Life in General Category on the Mormon MOmmy blogs!
Thanks for playing!

Motherboard, MMB