Sunday, December 07, 2008

Weekend Workings

Last weekend I was able to start and semi finish a project for Lydia's birthday.

I found this (along with Lydia's Christmas present) on the most beloved craig's list for a grand total of $20. I was very hesitant about painting it because well, I'm always afraid of painting something that has history. Notice the newspaper? Those were Black Friday ads. Ahhh, they served me well.

Here is the after:

I would have posted it sooner but with all of Lydia's internet surfing I couldn't chance that she would stumble upon my post and then ruin the surprise. I'm only thinking practically.


Schmidt Family said...

I love it!!!

ValSterByDe said...

it is so cute! I love the red.

Jacobs Family, via Kirsta said...

That is AWESOME! It looks amazing. Were you inspired by your "doer" husband, perhaps?

Side note: I love your blog vocabulary (blocabulary?) - bub lee - greenbacks - words are the spice of life, and your life (according to moi) is SPICY :)

Lindsay said...

Wow! That looks really great--I bet she loved it.