Monday, December 01, 2008

Go Towards the Light!

I can see it. It's getting closer now. I can feel the freedom coming. Can you?


I am sitting at the computer, obviously not doing homework, craving that feeling of having no looming homework due. Of course before I can get there I have to write a discussion for history, a paper for my ECE class, a 10 page research paper for history, pictures for my portfolio, pictures of night, pictures of lines, and make a cover for a food magazine.

Oh dang, the light just jumped back 55.784 feet.

I need a break, and soon. My teachers are great, they decided that having a break for Thanksgiving was over rated and that we were all sane enough to work straight through. Oh boy, do they not know me.

I'm really looking forward to getting my creativity back. I feel like it has been sucked dry, drained, vaporized, disintegrated, obliterated, okay I guess you get the picture. I need my creative juices back.

We didn't do anything terribly exciting for Thanksgiving. Kevin's lovely Aunt and Uncle had us over along with Kevin's parents, brother, sister, another uncle, and a cousin. Kevin had to work so we weren't able to stay very long. Lydia had a blast, she always does when there is family around.

On a totally unrelated note Lydia is now officially potty trained! Hooray!

I am getting really excited for Christmas because we are staying a whole week in Utah and I get to see my mommy and daddy and brothers and sisters. I love my family! Every single one of them. Well, except for . . . ha, gotcha! See? Creative juices. Gone. Ah, I'm pathetic.


christy said...

congrats on the potty training!

The Miz said...

Thanks Christy!