Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Somebody's Two!

No, it's not me. While I might act like it sometimes I passed that milestone a long long time ago.
It's my bubby boy! He turned 2 on Monday.
We kept it very (very) low key. We took the kids to McDonalds for lunch. Can you believe that they have never played at the play place? They each got a happy meal (another first). Then it was home for a much needed nap. And the holigans were tired too.
Later we went to a park and just played around, had pizza for dinner and opened presents. Which is like the REASON anyone comes to Earth right? FOR THE PRESENTS!! Wahoo!

This one was the hit of the night


Russell Family said...

Late Happy Birthday to Caleb!!

Really beautiful pics, RL!!!

Lindsay said...

I love the park pictures--especially the ones of Caleb in the swing.

Bekah Pyne said...

definitely not a bad thing for it to be their first happy meal! It looks and sounds like it was a fantastic b-day for him!