Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Oh My Gosh! We Actually Did Somthing Worth Blogging About

Please pick yourself up off the floor now. I know it comes as a shock but it will wear off in a minute or two.
A few weekends back we traveled to the far reaches of Colorado. Where there is no Walmart, no 24 hour fast food, no 24 hour grocery store, no 24 hour anything. We trekked through the mountains, battling miles of steep roads in our horse powered vehicle with air conditioning. Such torturous conditions, I'm surprised we made it. We weathered the tumultuous sprinkling rain. And finally after what seemed like days but was really only 3 hours we arrived. Where is this barren wasteland you might ask, Fairplay.
We went and spent some quality time with Kevin's sister, Jenny. She put up with the kids beautifully, I might add. She took us to Breckenridge, or as the local fare call it "Breck".

The kids were able to feed the fish.

I was feeling very self-portraity that day. Self-portraity? Self-portraital? Self-portraitesq? Whatever.

I bet you didn't know my hooligans were world class skiers. They're so good they can ski in the off season! Look at that form!

They're cuttin that powder up. I have no idea what I'm talking about but that sounded good.

They thoroughly enjoyed dipping their tootsies in the river.

This was the view from Jenny's back porch.

I even had time to get some practice in. I love wild flowers. Growing without a care, this beautiful little piece of nature that just pops up out of nowhere and takes care of its self. I think that's my favorite part of wild flowers, the self sufficient nature of them.


Kevin said...

I rally like your portrait in the water drop. Lydia didn't even spill her ice cream cone. I am so pleased with her.

Millie said...

Loving the photos as usual =) Hey, did you guys go up 285 to Fairplay? If so, you passed through Josh's old 'hood, and where we spend Christmas break at his parents house every year, Bailey. I loooove it up there. If you haven't seen it, you guys should check out Tinytown next time you take that drive, I think you'd dig it =)

The Miz said...

Yeah, we did pass through Bailey. You know, we tried to go to Tinytown but we couldn't find it. I bet it's really simple and we just over complicated it. Or maybe it was just too tiny.

Ashley said...

That looks like tons of fun! I love the pictures- I can never seem to take pictures of fish in the water.

Bekah Pyne said...

i really like your wildflower shots- particularly the bottom one! Also- your shots of your outing were fantabulous!!! Especially the second icecream shot of Lydia- what was she standing in front of?

Kim said...

Becca, Beautiful pictures you are really good at it.
Keep it up. I love to look at them. I wish you were out here to take some of my family. What would you suggest us wearing for a fall outdoor setting? Colors?

ValSterByDe said...

beautiful! and I love the self portrait variations:)
you definitely have an eye and talent!