Thursday, April 22, 2010

Toppins A Bag

We decided to make bird feeders. Super easy with peanut butter, pine cones, and birdseed. The kids had fun and I am grateful that I had the forsight to do it on the kitchen floor with a table cloth spread out underneath us. Oh, tip for those with 2 year olds, when "sprinkling" the birdseed on the pine cone don't leave the lid off the peanut butter or you might find a fun surprise in there the next time you go to make a sammie. I'm just sayin.

And there they sat, waiting, anticipating something wonderful to swoop down and partake of the bounty they had laid for them . Unfortunately, they didn't get to see any swooping. However, the pine cones were partaken of. For a couple of days they kept disappearing mysteriously. We would look out the window and one would be gone and then another and then another. Until we finally spotted the culprit. SQUIRRELS!! Or rather SQUIRREL!! That tricky little bugger stole every last one of those pine cones. Dang dirty squirrel.


Ashley said...

The FC squirrels are crazy! I really like the bird feeder idea- I will have to make one!

Lindsay said...

I do like the feeders!