Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Whoa Mama! That's A Long Time!

Um . . . well what do you say when your last post was 5 MONTHS AGO?!?!? Honestly I don't know why I haven't blogged, it just seems rather daunting at the moment. I wish I had some great excuse like OH MY GOSH I'M PREGNANT AND I'VE BEEN THROWING UP NON-STOP!! Alas, that is not the case. Or maybe I HAVE BEEN SO BUSY WITH MY PHOTOGRAPHY DOING SHOOT AFTER SHOOT AND BEING SO GLAMOROUS I JUST DON'T HAVE THE TIME TO BLOG!! Alas, that is not the case either.
But if you care to see there will be posts covering Christmas, Lydia's Birthday, My Grammy, and a few other little happenings, goings on, posts. Scroll down if you dare.

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Ashley said...

Yay for updating blogs!