Friday, August 27, 2010

Flashback Fridays: Daunting But Do-able

Sorry this is a late post but I have been GLUED to my computer screen watching an amazing event for the past few days. My poor hooligans, they're so neglected.

This weeks Flashback Friday is from a ways back (dahuh, why else would it be a flashback genius? I'm so dumb!) It is of a lady that I admire so much and look up to and who is such a wonderful person. She was one of my Young Women Leaders and later actually became a Visiting Teaching companion. (For those not familiar I am talking mormonese right now. A very tough language to master).

We were doing a high adventure camp for Girls Camp one year and Kristie is standing in front of the rock wall. I can just totally feel what she's thinking. Can't you just feel it?

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Anonymous said...

You humble me. I have such wonderful memories of being YW president and especially of the camp that year and of working with all of you. I learned so much from you all. It has also been wonderful watching all of you grow up into wonderful mothers, wives and young ladies. Thanks for sharing a great flashback!