Friday, August 20, 2010

Flashback Fridays: A Journal Entry

Wow, three Fridays in a row. I think I've got something here. Now I just need to blog the rest of the week.

Hopefully you are all enjoying a look into my past. Now we're gonna get a little more personal.

This week we've been working on cleaning out a hall closet that was bursting with STUFF. It was one of those places that when you don't have a home for something, stick it in the closet. It just so happens that I had stuffed my journals back in the far reaches of that closet. Last night I started to read through one of them. Seriously, is everybody so dumb when they are young? Because I think I was pretty silly. There's got to be a more appropriate term because silly doesn't quite do my silliness justice.

Here I stand, feet planted, waiting to be swept off them. Awe, but who is the one who will do the sweeping? If only I knew. It's such an odd feeling, the feeling that the whole of the world is turning while I stand perfectly still, not content mind you. I am anxious for something to happen in my life and I am not a patient person, so this is very hard for me to sit and wait. I pine for my soul mate, he moves too slowly for my tastes. Many times I have written this and I fear it will be written many times over. The man I love, the man I marry will love me for me, he will be able to look past my faults, many though they are. He will be in my eyes the only, my only , and my all. We will be able to laugh together and at each other.
August 22, 2003

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