Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's Big Girl Bed Time! Jump Around!

Well we have made or rather started to make the scary transition into big girl bed world. I honestly thought that it would be simple, oh to be ignorant again. At first we tried the Super Nanny approach and would just put her back in bed every single time she got out but after four hours of that not working I sat outside her door until she fell asleep. That was fun let me tell you. Yesterday Kevin did his homework on the floor outside her room while I took care of the baby, I bet his back must have been killing him. But today we've had a break through. While it still took sometime for her to go to sleep tonight she stayed in bed; yes she goofed off a little, she snuck (yes I realize that snuck is not a word) a book in bed with her, and her bed is disheveled but she is asleep and she did it on her own.

Monday we took the kids to the HP park. The play area isn't much, compared to an actual park, but it was nice because there were no other kids there to compete with. Lydia had an absolute blast and barely stopped to catch her breath. She is GO GO GO constantly.

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