Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ho hum

So our little stint into the world of big girl beds didn't quite last very long. We jumped in but it got too hot so we jumped back out and now Lydia is back sleeping in the crib. Maybe she's just not ready or maybe we're trying it too late. So I guess we'll see what happens. I'm not sure what else we could have tried. We tried the Super Nanny approach, the problem with that is she never actually came out of her room and instead would just sit and play. We were only able to put her back in when we chanced to see her out. Then we tried sitting in front of her door until she went to sleep. That's not at all convenient, let me tell you so then we moved onto just letting her stay in her room until she fell asleep on her own. After 4 days of her not going to sleep until 11:00 we scrapped that idea. So maybe we'll revisit this in a month or two.
Caleb started rolling all over the place on Tuesday. He did it once that morning and then he just wanted to show off and he kept on doing it all day long. Now, when he's sick of being on his tummy he can rectify the situation all by himself.


Schmidt Family said...

I had nk idea you blogged! I added you to our friends! it was great to hear you voice in your writing!!

Erin said...

Hey you. :)

I love your blog.
I love your writing.
I love your soundtrack.

Muy bueno.:)

Thanks for sharing and thanks for linking!