Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What Have I Done?

So I never really realized how much of a "Miss Priss" I had turned my daughter into until today. While I was out weeding getting ready to plant a garden (yes, gasp, lets let the shock and amazement settle in) Lydia was playing with the spade, transporting dirt from one side of the "garden" to the other. Then all of a sudden the most horrible thing that could have happened........she got dirt on her finger. "Oh my goodneck!" Which loosely translated means oh my goodness however the more exact definition is:

oh my goodneck (ō ˈ ˈgŭdnĕk) 1 : most often used to express one's amazement 2 : the mystification of one's self 3 : used to indicate a feeling of horror or disgust 4 : an expression often used for anything that will amaze, mystify, horrify, and disgust a 2 year old.


Lindsay said...

That's classic! I think Webster's needs to hear about this one.

tagteamo3 said...

Hey! It was great to see your comment. I didn't know you had a blog! You will have to be added to our links.