Friday, April 18, 2008

Playin with Polaroid

Alas, it will not be long until the infamous Polaroid goes the way of the things that go away.
How little I knew thee, we were just getting acquainted and I do believe it could have been true love.

I will hold on as long as it is possible but it will be a bitter farewell.
Is there not one among us that can save my dear Polaroid?
Pray there is so I do not have to bid goodbye to this true hero, this true friend, my true Polaroid.


Erin said...

Excellent post, excellent pictures. These remind me of my childhood. Standing in front of our wooden clapboard house in knee high scoks, brown leather tie shoes, a dress, and hair that had just been carefully rolled out of pink sponge curlers. First day of kindergarten pics anyone? :)

ValSterBy said...

what a cutie (both kids) thanks for finding us!