Friday, June 20, 2008

Don't Ask Because Even I Don't Know

For some reason beyond my understanding this is how my daughter sleeps most every night and nap.

This is what her bed looked like after her nap yesterday. Notice the monstrous pile of books?

Here she is tonight and the pile has gotten bigger, if that's even possible.


Schmidt Family said...

Okay-- So i thought my kids had a lot on their beds, but nothing compares to that!!

Lindsay said...

Holy cow! I've seen it with stuffed animals, but books have corners. So cute.

The Miz said...

And it's not like her bed starts out that way. Every morning and every afternoon we spend some time putting her books back on the bookshelves. It's like a never ending book pile because no matter how many times we put the books back, there will always be a pile waiting for us.

Erin said...

Oh phew! I thought she was actually in that first picture. I was thinking HOW IN THE WORLD?? Gotcha. It was AFTER her nap. I'm with ya know.

That is impressive. Isabel's is sort of like that. Only it's dressup clothes. She goes to sleep in one outfit and wakes up in 12 layers of puffy goodness.