Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tag, I'm It!!

I was tagged!! Someone finally tagged me! I feel so special! And it wasn't one of those "anybody who wants to" tags, she said my name (at least I think it's me she was referring to as Rebecca A.). So here we go.

10 years ago:
I would have been 17 and I was staying with my Grandma for the summer. My family was making the transition from my beautiful, lush, green Oregon to Colorado. As we started out from Oregon, our caravan consisted of a u-haul like moving truck which pulled a trailer(driven by dad), our minivan containing two sisters and two cats which also pulled a trailer (driven by my mom), the Toyota truck containing the two dogs (driven by my brother), and the gutless wonder containing a nephew (driven by Stephanie and myself). The plan was that when we hit Utah, Stephanie and I would split off from our little nomadic band and head to my Grandma's where I would spend the Summer and where Stephanie and Spencer would live. I spent my days spying on my grandma's neighbor's grandson who also happened to be visiting. I was a very good spy although I do believe that he was interested in my sister (and why wouldn't he be).

5 years ago:
Was a very dark time in may life that only family and a few close friends know about and we will keep it at that.

5 months ago:
Well I was probably doing what I do everyday now, so a little bit of nothing much.

5 things on my to-do list:
1. make Lydia's dresses
2. do a few layouts
3. paint a few of my projects
4. freeze flour
5. finish my decent into crazy land or is it crazy town?

5 snacks i enjoy:
1. anything chocolate with an ice cold glass of milk
2. fizzix yogurt
3. almonds and walnuts
4. banana nut bread
5. hostess raspberry filled donuts

5 things i would do if i had billion dollars:
1. get my entire family financially independent
2. buy them all a house along with one for us while i'm at it
3. trick out my baby
4. shopping spree at the clothes pony
5. donate donate donate

5 of my bad habits: (can i only list 5?)
1. eating too much junk (have you seen me lately!)
2. spending too much time online
3. burping! (like a sailor!)
4. not being in the moment
5. saying "just a second" way to often

5 places i have lived:
1. puyallup, WA
2. monroe, OR
3. windsor, CO
4. american fork, UT
5. fort collins, CO

5 jobs i have had:
1. dog "trainer" um, yeah
2. dairy queen
4. security guard
5. manufacturing operations specialist (fancy shmancy!)

5 things people don't know about me:
1. i want to be a writer but am not doing anything constructive to make that a reality
2. i am the most annoying, sarcastic person that one can come across
3. i want to have 6 kids, maybe more
4. i have 4 fake teeth (they call me toothless george)
5. i secretly want to be someone other than me

5 people that i tag:
1. Erin A.
2. Lindsay
3. Christy
4. Lisa
5. April


DeeDee said...

Way to go Becca! Yes, you were the Rebecca A, I was talking about!
Too cool, we were both in Utah at the same time. I love Utah!
I will see you on Sunday, I will be home from Phoenix. I love it and I love the heat! I could live here, that's for sure!
Have a great day and enjoy the kiddos!

Erin said...

Your "to do" list makes me hang my head in shame. Here's mine: Get the dang dishes done!! SIGH. ;) I wish for even a portion of your creativity....

Excellent post, excellent info on you. Am I Erin A.? I think I am...?

The Miz said...

Yes, you are Erin A. There is another Erin that may or may not read here, she would be Erin W. How are you guys doing?
Thanks Dee, we'll see you on Sunday. I know you will be missing AZ somethin' fierce. Hope you aren't too disappointed to be back ;)

Erin said...

Okay phew. I was going to post but then a great fear of not being the chosen Erin overcame me! ;) I will do this one tomorrow I think...

Thanks for asking about us! We're hanging in there. I'll be glad when Milo's study is OVER. Lots of anxiety building up to it...:)

I haven't seen you in forever. I've been working way too many Saturday nights (which equals no nursery for me...blah). I'll have to catch you this Sunday.

tagteamo3 said...

Now I will copy . . . am I your #4? (If I'm not, just lie and say I am anyway.)

The Miz said...

Why yes Miss Lisa, you are #4, but really you're #1 ;)