Friday, July 18, 2008

Help Me Ronda !! Help, Help Me Ronda!!

Okay so I need some help, I am currently signed up for two classes this coming fall however I would like to add a third to that. I am having a hard time choosing which class to add. I thought to myself 'Maybe my friends out in the void of cyberspace can help me choose!' Then I said "Rebecca, that's a fantastic idea! How do you come up with these things!?!" So if you wouldn't mind indulging my crazy self and help me pick a class.
The chooses are:

-Intro to Early Childhood Ed
I thought this might be good since I plan to home school, the practical choice.

-Intro to Music History I
This sounded like an easy class. Get it? It SOUNDED easy. You know, because it's a music class? Awe, never mind.

-Colorado History
I don't know why this is a choice, but it is so what do you think?


Schmidt Family said...

Easrly ed is a great class. i wish that I remembered all that I learned so I would be able to apply it now! By the way, congrats on going back to school. That is awesome!

ValSterByDe said...

first and third options... just for the pun on #2 :)
we have gone private... send us an email and we'll send an invite.

Brent said...

I would go with the first chioce, but that is just me.

christy said...

my vote is for colorado history. you can learn some really cool things and incorporate those things now. if you are going to be homeschooling the ECE class might not get you the information you want since (i assume) you will be tayloring everything to the abilities of your children that you know so well. just my vote.

Shannon And Tyler said...

I would do the do the intro to childhood, i had a friend do childhood and family studies and she always had interesting stuff to stay, you could probably learn a lot about your kids in that class and since you want to home school i think that would be the best choice.

Erin said...

I'd totally go with the Intro to Child Ed. The other two sound way beyond my "I think I have some base knowledge in that subject" realm. i.e. I can't possibly fit that much more in my Mommy-brain.