Thursday, July 24, 2008

Modern Day Conveniences For The Ever So Modern Mother

The Vacuum

This handy helper is great to have around any space. With it's ease of use, reliability, and self propelled feature it makes a wonderful help to keep the Ever So Modern Mother's house particularly tidy. This specific model is rare to find, only one made in the entire history of time, but does the job impeccably. With it's powerful suction it will pick up anything off of that pesky floor that always seems to collect "stuff".

The Dishwasher

Dishes, the bane of the Ever So Modern Mother's existence. It's fun to make the mess but who really wants to clean it up? That's were the Dishwasher comes into action. Another very rare model to find this one in particular will not only wash the dishes but has the technology to put them away as well. This Ever So Modern Mother loves her Dishwasher. It hardly ever conks out on her and very rarely has she had to rewash the dishes after the Dishwasher has gotten a hold of them.

The Television

It would be hard to imagine life without this little gem. The Television is always great entertainment. The Ever So Modern Mother would be amiss if she did not have one of these in her home. Here we have the model that, like most Television models, will actually change channels according to it's mood. Drama, action, adventure, horror, comedy, and the ever loved family musicals are just a few of the programs you can find playing on the Television at any given moment. There are bigger models out there but I think that this one suites this Ever So Modern Mother's life just fine.

The Garbage Disposal

Not really a must have but it may make your life easier. I would not recommend this specific model for disposal purposes. I have found that it is very picky as to what it will and will not dispose of. I suggest, for this purpose, upgrading to the more advanced, less selective model. But of course every appliance has it's pros and cons. The feature I like best on the model shown below is it's excellence at self maintenance.


Erin said...

Muy cute post. Where have you been? I have not seen you for weeks?? Don't worry, now you have some serious potential of having to sit by me in the grownup classes. Don't worry, I bring snacks and crayons. You can take the nursery leader out of nursery but you can't take the nursery out of the nursery leader...or something like that.

Stephanie said...

You are such a cutie. I wish we lived closer. We could have so much fun.

Lindsay said...


The Miz said...

Erin: What do you mean where have I been, where have you been? I would love to sit with you in Relief Society, maybe we can exchange cheerios and trade crayons. But fair warning I don't share my aquamarine.
Steph: You and me both. Then I'd have a friend to do stuff with and can actually tolerate being around I think.
Lindsay: Thanks!

ValSterByDe said...

so cute! i wish my "dishwasher", um, well, washed dishes...
(but when he does so many other fantastic things for me I can't really complain:)

Shannon And Tyler said...

That was a very entertaining post. Thanks for being so entertaining.