Friday, July 04, 2008

My Country Tis of Thee...

And it is, this America that I love so dearly. This country, my country, my America has broken innumerable bonds that may have otherwise imprisoned me. This country which allows me the freedom to live each day the way I see fit. I am given the chance to make my life better and along with that the lives of my families. I have the right to say "yes" and to so "no thank you". This wonderful freedom is not lost on me, albeit I may take it for granted on more than a gabillion occasions. I love my country and I love those who make and have made my freedoms possible. A hearty shout out goes to those pilgrims who had the courage to leave all that was familiar and comfortable to toil and carve out their new existence on this land. The revolutionaries who were unabashed in their want of freedom. Thank you to those founding fathers and founding mothers; because we all know that behind every great man is the mother that raised him. To every person who every gave their life for this country, thank you. To every person who serves this country, thank you. And to the One who made it all possible, thank you from the depths of my heart. Thank you for my sweet land of liberty.

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